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We make our endless research and development for top-notch products

EASE Co.,Ltd (GramLED)

         (Easy Add value Safety Enterprise)


As a word “Ease” from Ease Co. Ltd. means, the company applies four strategies, such as Easiness, Add Value, Safety, and Enterprise value from the planning stage to make products with convenience. With the best products, we promise to become a company trusted by customers


Through the new heat dissipation technology, optimized production Process, continuous research and development, the company will become a company trusted from our customers.

One year after the establishment of the corporation, GramLED applied heat dissipation technology patent, design patent, and trademark registration. It acquired the KC certification and high-efficiency technology. Because the company’s technology was recognized among domestic large enterprises, it has been supplying its products to them.



Industrial LED, Global No. 1 product GramLED

Gram LED will become a Global No. 1 product by putting its priority to customer values based on convenience with basic principles of core strategy, such as Easy, Add value, Safety, and Enterprise value.


Completion of the enterprise value through “Customer Focus, Organizational Culture, Transparent Management” based on management policy of Commitment Management

Based on creativity, change, action, and unity for Upbringing of corporate culture and Social Contribution, We will become a creative and practical GramLED that encourages the organizational communication and the unity of the organization and do not fear about changes.


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Corporate Value System
(Commitment Management)
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Symbol Story

As Gram LED BI Color is colors of Brown family (C40%, M65%, Y90%, K35%), the circles of points around the Logo in a gradation form signifies LED, meaning willingness to shed lights of Ease’s LED towards the world. The logo is divided into a boldic and a light calligraphic style to increase the readability of Gram and LED.


Signature System





Color System