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Lightweight high-power LED lighting

Using a heat dissipation mechanism module of the same platform base, the product is designed for an optimum condition of the factory, thus suitable for high-power LED lighting in a high-temperature environment. Handle brackets for easy installation enables installers’ easiness and reduces fatigue from work of a long time, thus providing a secure installation

You will have efficiency of light GramLED and lightweight and feel convenience (Easiness).

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What is AFT Bay Light?

“AFT (Air Flow Tube)” is a structure that can maximize a heat radiation effect by reducing a weight, maximizing a heat radiation area and guiding cold air flow smoothly.



> compared with others, heat dissipation improvement of 120% <

◆ suitable for high-temperature industrial LED lighting.

 Suitable for high temperature industrial LED lighting.


> Structure of customized heat dissipation <

◆ customized production per a thermal property is available according to an industry (steel mills, die casting, forging)

By industry (steel mills, die casting, forging)
It can be customized according to the production of thermal properties.

The Advantage of AFT



Implementing “Family Look at the LED bay lights, we made installation with consistency available.

Reducing a volume of products and enlarging an area, we realized a reduced weight.

Installation in any conditions is available.

By applying the bracket handle, we emphasize convenience of installation and mobility.

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AFT (Industrial LED Flood Light)

With high quality of AFT’s platform-based thermal solution, the product can be applied to a variety of industries, thus realizing an environment friendliness. Bright light improves working environment for field workers.